Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Keeping Track of Synod

A Meditation (from Prayers for General Synod)

Holy One, Author of all creation,
the circles of our lives are drawn together
in your wisdom, joy and self-giving love.

Draw us together in compassion,
that we may behold one another in Christ.
Give us humility to confront, confess and forgive
all that falls short of your vision.

As you ever widen the circle of Jesus’ embrace,
make us one in your healing and reconciling grace.
With boldness may we seek your peace,
do your justice, and tend the wounds of your world
till the circle is unbroken in the eternal dance of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Rev. Tim Smart sent the following list of sources for information on General Synod. Thank you, Tim. Let's keep all the delegates in our prayers.

The Anglican Journal
The Anglican Journal will provide its readers with up-to-the-minute coverage of General Synod on June 19-25 through its Web site,

In addition to regular online news updates, readers will be able to download and print copies of an eight-page daily newspaper, which will be made available to General Synod delegates.

Readers may also subscribe to receive news stories by e-mail at

The Journal is also producing an eight-page supplement of coverage of General Synod 2007, which will be included in a special summer issues, and be mailed in the first week of July.

The General Synod 2007 Website
The main site for General Synod is here:

“Anglicans from across Canada and around the world will be watching General Synod 2007 live by web stream. For more coverage and analysis, viewers can check out “Synod on Demand”, a daily analysis piece hosted by Tim Morgan of Winnipeg. Featuring interviews, synod highlights, and commentary by Tim and others, “Synod on Demand” is a must-see for General Synod followers.

You may also be interested in reading a recent statement by six retired archbishops of the Anglican Church of Canada in which they recommend Synod accept same-sex blessings.

There is also a helpful Q&A on the Blessing of Same-Sex Relationships.

Information about the Primatial Election scheduled for Friday, June 22nd is here.

Archbishop Andrew Hutchison reflects on these past three years as Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada

And just for fun, General Synod has produced some humorous posters that are sure to become collectors items.

I hope you enjoy your General Synod from the comfort of your armchair!

The Rev. Tim Smart

Director of Lay Education in the Diocese of Montreal.

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