Sunday, March 25, 2007

This Week in the Media

A regular feature of this blog will be a weekly link back to our website's "In the Media" page, where links to articles of particular importance or interest are being posted regularly. The articles are gleaned from the Canadian, American and world press.

This week's offerings include an op-ed about homosexuality and science; a piece on the firmly-worded resolutions passed by the Episcopal Church's House of Bishops in response to the Anglican primates' communiqué; an essay about global warming from a spiritual perspective; two pieces on same-sex marriage in Canada; and an article about the Pope's recent affirmation of traditional views. They're all well worth reading; we hope you'll go take a look.

Thank you to Earl Love and Bill Converse for forwarding pieces to Anglican Really Alive. If other readers have articles to suggest for inclusion, please send us the links in an email to our gmail account. We can't publish links to everything but we'll be making a weekly selection of half a dozen or so, covering as many relevant subjects as we can.

-Beth Adams

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