Monday, March 12, 2007

Notes on the March 11 Meeting

About forty people gathered on Sunday evening to view a webcast of an address by the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church, Katharine Jefferts Schori, about the recent meeting of the Anglican Primates in Tanzania. Afterwards, during a light supper, we broke into smaller groups and discussed our reactions to the address and to the primates' requests as stated in their official communiqué, as well as the draft of an "Anglican Covenant." At the Dean's suggestion, each table came up with some questions that might guide our discussion at next week's meeting: he asked us to focus especially on whether we felt our group should have a name or not, and what our goals should be, if any, going forward toward the preparations for General Synod. "Can our group add anything to the discussion that is already going on?" he asked.

If the talk at our table was any indication, participants were already thinking deeply about questions of identity, purpose, future action, and transformation of our communities beyond the particular issue of sexuality.


beth said...

Jim McDermott had the good idea of contacting some of the Via Media groups in the US to see what sorts of materials they've come up with.

Earl A. Love said...

WOW - what a beautiful Web site and blog! Congratulations to Dean Michael, Beth and all who worked to hard to get this up and running. I'm sure we'll make great use of it. Earl A. Love

Anonymous said...

Dean Michael has alerted me to this site, and I want to send what I hope you will hear as good news. There is a similar group in the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut, though we are not posting at a public site. We are so grateful for your leadership. Ours is a group full of passion, but we are not yet so intellectually disciplined as you. We are using your list of questions as the larger part of our agenda at our next meeting on Tuesday, 2/20. Many, many thanks to, and for, all of you.

Scott Hankins, Rector
Christ Church, Norwich, CT